The King of Freeside
I thought you were gone forever, I thought you walked away from everything, because I failed, because I destroyed the only thing that ever mattered to me. I waited for you to come, but you didnt.

Welcome Baby Girl. How might the King help you? Don't Be Cruel, I might be able to help you out with something if you don't mind doing something for me.

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spooka-breaker asked: *steps on your blue suede shoes* 

"You wanna do that again, punk? Want to see what happens then?"

Out for a Swim [Open]


Andy had been at Camp Golf, asking the sergeant there if he’d be kind enough to send a few spare troops up towards Bitter Springs. At first, he’d thought the dark-haired man swimming in the lake was Doc Sawbones and Andy had sat down on the near by shore line to watch the show. The growling and barking of a wet cyber-dog that had discovered he was watching made him realize that he was rather mistaken. “Easy boy, easy,” he said lowly, holding his hands up and hoping the dog was smart enough to know Andy wasn’t armed. “I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m a friend. You like snack cakes, boy?”

The King swam underwater and reemerged just before the shore. He looked around and noticed someone feeding Rex. He wiped the water out of his eyes as he started jogging towards the man…no, fucking NCR soldier! He’d recognize that armor from a mile away! “What the fuck are you doing to my dog? I knew the NCR played dirty but this is low!” He hollered as he got closer. The King was pissed! The NCR first tried undermining his leadership but now to try and poison his dog? Oh someone was going to get their ass kicked alright. He finally caught up to the pair and pulled Rex closer to him, checking the dog to see if he was getting sick. “You okay, buddy?”

Out for a Swim [Open]


Wonne unscrews her canteen once the lake’s in sight. Sure, she’s pretty likely to get sick to her stomach, but it’s not like dehydration is any better. Part of her is tempted to dash right into the water and bask in it, anything to beat away the relentless sun.

So focused on the water, Wonne doesn’t notice the dog running at her until it starts barking ferociously (not really, but any dog’s bark sounds like a bad one). Startled, she yelps and scrambles to catch her bottle by the strap before it falls to the sand. Her eyes narrow at Rex, and she shoos her hands at him.

"Shh! Shut up!" The girl hisses, trying to inch around him to the shoreline. "Go away you mutt, I’m thirsty!" The presence of another person doesn’t seem to phase her yet.

The King swam up to the shore, watching Rex’s attempts to get the woman to go and play with him. He whistled low and ascended to a higher pitch to signal the dog to come back to him. Rex stopped bark and scampered back over to The King’s side. The other woman wasn’t dressed up at all like an NCR soldier so at least his ass was safe for one day more. “Don’t think you want to be drinking this water, ain’t gonna end up pretty.” He motioned to her canteen.

The King pushed his water logged hair out of his face as he smiled. The girl didn’t look like a major threat so he was at least safe for a little bit longer. “The name’s The King, what brings you out to Lake New Vegas?” The King looked around for the towel he brought with him and made a frown when he couldn’t find it. Either the wind carried it off, A Mirelurk got caught on it, or Rex had been using it as a toy and lost it.

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Wooden Heart - Elvis Presley

Out for a Swim [Open]


The King dove under the water of the lake as Rex paddled back to the shore. He chuckled when the dog tried to shake the water from his fur but got a piece of seaweed stuck to his tail. Back under the water he went, swimming on his back to watch the sun ripple across the water.His lungs started to burn just as he started towards the surface again. If there was one thing the King loved the most, it was being able to go out to to the lake and just swim around for a while. Yes, he had to take some radaway and rad-x but the feeling of cool water really helped him relax after doing so much during the week. The King started his swim back to the shore when he heard Rex going off. What a time to be without a gun.


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doc-church asked: [flaw meme] Coughs awkwardly. 

"You try getting punched in the throat and not wide up with a weird cough! I know it sounds like a damn molerat singing!"

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rebellionwithcause asked: [starry eyed] NO FLAWS! 

"Well thank you very much!"

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braindamagedbeauty asked: (flaw) Welllllll, i cant count the times i've been woken up by snoring, we got three different blankets and you hog every one of them, and that mirror sharing situation is getting more and more desperate by the day. Also, have you ever stepped barefoot on a spiky sequin jumpsuit. 

"W-well…..I get cold in the night! I need as many blankets as I can get! Well maybe I’ll get that new mirror, I admit that it is bad."

The King coughed and didn’t look at her.

"I plead silence."

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